Triumph Property Management offers a wide range of property management services for rental real estate in the greater Las Vegas area. One of our most commonly contracted services is facilities management. For rental property to remain in good condition, the physical building structures, the mechanical, electrical, & plumbing systems, and the landscaping must be maintained and repaired, and for best results, on a schedule. This type of care will extend the usage life of these systems, keeps the property safe for tenants and visitors, and will often result in being able to avoid unplanned expensive major repairs, interruptions in service, or system failures.

Complete facilities management includes not only the care and maintenance of major building systems, but can also include that of tenant move-in preparation, recreational facilities, pest control, appliance repair and replacement, flooring, cleaning, building hardware, roofing, stairs, window coverings, locks, smoke detection systems, storage areas and out buildings, windows, alarms and other security monitoring, and wall treatments. There are many aspects to keeping rental property functional and desirable to tenants.
Frequently, real estate property owners do not have the skills, machinery, or the time to carry out these duties. When they do not, they will turn to a professional property management firm to carry out these responsibilities. Triumph Property Management is the choice of savvy rental real estate owners throughout the Las Vegas area.

Through our many successful years of specializing in the industry, we at Triumph Property Management have developed long-term relationships with contractors and service companies. Our vendors are highly competent, reliable, and competitively priced, and we use them to mange many of the large-scale maintenance projects. We also have excellent resources for replacement materials and products. In addition to outside support, however, Triumph employs qualified service professionals on our staff. We have the equipment to deal with most repairs, and our experience has taught us how to anticipate and avoid many property problems.
When the maintenance responsibilities become too difficult or time consuming to manage on your own, contact us! We have a variety of options to suit your particular needs and budget. Learn how Triumph Property Management can properly care for your investment.