How to act when tenants fail to pay rent

You’ve taken the necessary steps to discourage tenants from paying rent late, yet it still happens. Landlords are then tasked with the challenge of figuring out the best, most pragmatic response to pursue. There


Tenants Complaining About Noise – What to Do

Tenants often complain about noise; a complaint that landlords are often tasked to deal with. The answer depends on whether the noise comes from your rental property, or if it comes from an external

What to do when tenants don’t pay rent

It’s always better to have a prophylactic process in place, one that discourages tenants from delaying rent payments. Nonetheless, late rent payments do sometimes occur. But how should prudent landlords deal with late rent

Facts about Las Vegas Property Management

Las Vegas property management has boomed in recent years, not least because of how the economy has regained its health in recent years. Even though the economy has far from fully recovered, there are