Triumph is the leading supplier of property management services in Las Vegas, as well as a leader in Las Vegas homes for rent. Here, we go through what we – as experienced property managers – consider when conducting risk assessment on our properties.  

Before going on the Las Vegas property market, properties must first undergo an inspection. This inspection is intended to find problems – both big and small – that undermine the ability of that property to function in the way that it should.

The inspection differs, of course, on what type of property we’re talking about. A 6-bedroom house requires a greater degree of scrutiny than a one-bedroom apartment, for example. Whatever the property, though, the same rigorous approach must be applied.

Meeting the high standards

Both landlords and tenants expect the very best from their property.

It is incumbent upon the property manager who, as an expert in the field, is tasked with passing the property through a fine sieve; filtering through what works and what doesn’t, what needs improvement and what needs refurbishment.

This can be quite a demanding exercise, but an exercise that pays off in the long term – both for the satisfaction of the tenant and the high expectations that landlords have of their hired property managers. These are high standards, but they are and should always be exceeded.

Conducting a risk assessment of a property means knowing what to look out for. It’s a thorough, methodical approach – one that’s applied not only to each room of the house, but to each space of that house, no matter how small that space might be.

The physical condition of the house isn’t the only part we inspect. We also inspect the proper functioning of the lighting, equipment, and fixtures of the property. Again, every part of the property – both big and small – is inspected to meet the aforementioned standard.

For some properties, there’s very little to be done. It might only require a touch of paint here or there, or perhaps a few screws need tightening. For other properties, a thorough refurbishment is what’s required. The needs differ with each property.

These aren’t just standards that landlords and tenants agree upon, but standards set out by local, state, and federal legislation. After all, landlords are obliged to ensure that the property is habitable for the tenant, otherwise it violates the lease agreement.

The outside of the property, too, must also be inspected and maintained. The garage, garden, and associated paths must be presented in a reasonable and respectable manner. Whether it’s inside or outside the property, no form of complacency must be shown.

What defines Triumph’s approach is our outstanding attention-to-detail. No corners are cut, and nothing is overlooked, no matter how small the matter. This ensures that both landlords and tenants, and the legal loop that binds them together, is altogether satisfied.

Taking the next step

Risk assessment is essential to the effective functioning of any property manager. If you’d like to learn more about the services we provide at Triumph Property Management, check out this page for more information.