When investors do not have the time to run the day-to-day operations of their real estate holdings, they turn to professional property management companies to administer their investments. Property management businesses, also known as real estate managers, are able to administer all aspects of the leasing process, from advertising availability to tenant move out. Management firms often specialize in certain types of real estate, but some can handle a full range of property types such as commercial, residential communities, light and heavy industrial properties, single-family homes, and vacation rental properties.
Property management companies have the experience and expertise to provide the best return on investment for investors. Their knowledge of the rental market, contacts with realtors, memberships in property management associations, and community relationships build over time in the marketplace enable them to provide the best service when it comes to renting or leasing property. Their expertise includes:

• Marketing rental properties
• Setting rents to match the market norm
• Minimizing vacancies and maximizing occupancy
• Tenant screening
• Showing available rentals
• Preparation and administration of lease agreements
• Collection of rents & deposits
• Scheduling move-in and move-out dates to facilitate a consistent stream of revenue
• Handling evictions
• Tracking income and expenses
• Preparing detailed financial reports for investors

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