Today people are choosing the companies they want to support through their interactions on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). Social media engagement can turn prospects into customers, and those customers can become the best cheerleaders for your business.

Major brands such as Starbucks, Coca Cola, Red Bull, and Wal-Mart are using social media to get the word out about their products, community involvement, specials, and company specifics. They are building loyal audiences of fans and followers by posting timely information of value to their readers, answering questions, really listening to customer feedback, and offering helpful tips and information. These brands become the go-to places online for consumer desired information about their industry products and services.

How can social media help your business? It can improve the sense of community among your renters. It can increase your leads for prospective tenants. Social media makes it possible to get time-sensitive information out to your renters and potential renters in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. Online networking can develop and reinforce a positive company reputation. It also provides a forum for you to receive valuable tenant feedback.

Savvy property managers want to know about tenant concerns so they can address any problems quickly and improve customer satisfaction. Real estate rental property owners also need to know what people LIKE about renting from you. Nothing is better for a business than customer endorsements! Both types of information are crucial to running a rental property business. Social media helps improve property management by soliciting both types of information. You want to know your tenant complaints so you can correct things. You want your tenants to give you positive reviews to increase leads and improve your local search listings. It is a win-win situation.

How do you communicate through social media? Send out newsletters, post blog articles on your website, and set-up and maintain the right social media communities for your company, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The important thing is to stay involved with your audience. Make sure to present fresh information regularly. Comment on all feedback. Mix up your content (the information you share), so it’s funny, inspirational, and specific to your tenants’ needs. Make sure that you offer your tenants information of real value! Offer incentives for people who sign up for your social media. Hold contests. You can increase community involvement and enjoyment by making social media activities fun for your audience.

Triumph Property Management uses social media to keep in touch and stay engaged with our customers and their tenants. We have found that social media is the most effective way to get timely feedback, disseminate information, correct on-site problems, and develop positive community interaction. If you aren’t sure how to use social media or do not t have time to do it yourself, we can help! Part of our service is to provide social media interaction with our customers and their renters.

Visit us and “Like” our Facebook page at Read our blog posts for helpful information. If you haven’t already done so, sign up for our newsletter. It’s packed with useful property management tips. Social media is no longer the wave of the future. The future is now! Wouldn’t you like to develop an online “fan club” that helps to promote your business? Let’s get started!