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Today, designers love to play by mixing at least two styles together to make the most interesting designs. If you want to be a part of that amazing style you can easily accomplish that with one of the most important pieces of furniture in a living room – coffee tables. Take a look at these 5 amazing coffee tables and you will definitely find your match:

  1. Foosball coffee table

    The first table stool I will present to you is the foosball and a coffee table, all in one. The table looks astonishing and you can even play foosball with it. It is produced using strong wood with extraordinary darker sparkle. The table surface is produced using treated glass so the field is shielded from spills and other accidents. It is a great way to have fun while you are waiting for people to arrive. Who would say no to a match of foosball?

  2. Ocean Abyss coffee table

    This is for individuals who love the sea and everything marine. You can lose yourself in investigating the shades of blue and turquoise in this table while you are sitting tight for your espresso to come. The cross-area of the sea is shown in the cross-section of the table so you can see all the deep and shallow parts. The base is produced using wood while the sea is produced using shaded glass.

  3. Old Whiskey Barred coffee table

    I adore this table since it is made for the man corner. It is awesome because you can lift the table surface and it transforms into a storage. Or on the other hand, in the event that you are handy, you can transform that storage into a cooler for the drinks. It looks stunning with its provincial outline, in spite of the fact that I can envision myself drinking bourbon and not espresso on it but that doesn’t bother me.

  4. Aquarium coffee table

    Much the same as this sea table we specified above. It is a slightly better since you can put genuine fish inside, particularly goldfish as they can inspire your customers with their shading. It isn’t difficult to make or difficult to keep up. All you require is a safety glass over the extraordinarily made aquarium and loads of fish.

  5. Nar – the Bookshelf Coffee Table

    This is the design which is completely astounding. The table comprises of a framework where you can put your books and two surfaces you can slide over the framework. The whole bookshelf and a coffee table is one major bookmark as you can hang the book on the page you started reading. Greatly valuable outline with an uncommon WOW impact it can leave on guests who sees it.

Author bio: Mark is a foosball player and a foosball fan. He has a blog about foosball he called the Foosball Zone. He has a tournament foosball table in his man cave and a soccer coffee table in his living room. Check out his impression about the coffee table on his blog.

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