How to act when tenants fail to pay rent

You’ve taken the necessary steps to discourage tenants from paying rent late, yet it still happens. Landlords are then tasked with the challenge of figuring out the best, most pragmatic response to pursue. There


Tenants Complaining About Noise – What to Do

Tenants often complain about noise; a complaint that landlords are often tasked to deal with. The answer depends on whether the noise comes from your rental property, or if it comes from an external

Dealing with Squatters in Las Vegas

Squatting has become an enormous problem in Las Vegas. More and more people are now claiming squatting status, meaning the lines become somewhat blurred as to who is a tenant and who is a

Cleaning Up the Lease Agreement

In 1993 the American comedy, Mrs. Doubtfire, was released. In it, the late Robin Williams played the role of Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire; a somewhat eccentric housekeeper who, despite her peculiarities, managed to spread harmony

How to Find the Best Tenants

At Triumph, we understand how important good tenants are to your investment. That is why we have installed a robust tenant screening mechanism to filter through only the very best. Here, we look at

4 Essential Skills of Property Managers

The team at Triumph are equipped with the knowledge and experience that every property manager should have. This knowledge and experience must, however, be marshaled and channeled in the right direction – a skill essential to good property management. Property