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What Tenants Really Want

Tenants want to move into a home, not a house. There are many steps, then, that the landlord must take to make this a reality. Rental providers should think about what tenants really want – as opposed to what landlord’s think is right for the rental. It’s not always easy to know what tenan...

How to Keep Tenants from Leaving

Landlords want the best tenants. Landlords also want to keep the best tenants from leaving. The question is – how? Departing tenants come with a wide range of costs – from professional cleaning to security adjustments to possible repairs / renovation work. It’s added hassle you could w...

Tell-Tale Signs of a Bad Tenant

Landlords are always on the search for high-quality tenants. Quality tenants are not always easy to find but, where they are found, every effort should be made to keep them on board. That means making an extra effort – surveying your rental property and addressing any existing problems. In rea...

14 Tips to Protect Your Home from Burglaries

It’s every homeowner’s nightmare. Their home, that one place where family should feel safe and secure, is broken into by unscrupulous thugs. Burglaries will always take place, there’s no doubt about that. But there are tangible steps you can take to make it that much more difficult for them. H...

Making Your Apartment the Talk of the Neighborhood

Did you wake up today in your dream apartment? Now that you’ve moved into your fabulous new place, it’s time to show it off. When you have a house with great curb appeal, it’s easy to make your friends and neighbors jealous. But how exactly do you go about making your apartment the...

How to Leave in Style & Find Your Dream Apartment

Feeling stuck in an apartment that you no longer love? It might be time to leave that old place and move to your dream apartment or a new house. But how do you even go about making that move? The first step is to identify the reasons why you are stuck in that apartment in … Read More

Three Huge Reasons Why You’re Stuck in an Apartment

You’ve lived in your apartment for years. It no longer lives up to your expectations. In fact, you’re embarrassed to invite friends over because you’re not that proud of your place. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you’ve lived in your apartment f...

How to Manage the Eviction Process

Managing the eviction process needn’t be difficult. Prevention is, though, always the best cure. That’s why, at Triumph Property Management, we deter evictions by placing the very best tenants into each property. In some unexpected cases, though, the eviction process must be pursued. Here, we re...

What Tenants Look For in a Property

When tenants are searching for their next home, there are defined features that they almost always seek. Some you can’t change – such as location – whereas others, such as amenities within the home, you can. Here, we review what tenants look for in a property – those essential features and a...

How to Increase the Value of Your Rental

Knowing how to attract tenants – those tenants that will pay the highest rental value – is the fundamental strategy that all investors must pursue. The question comes though – how do you increase the value of your rental? The first two factors to consider are the type of property you own, and ...


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