best places to live in US in 2018

U.S. News recently conducted a detailed report into 125 destinations throughout the United States; a report that reviews the essential factors that define the best places to live in the US. These factors include public transport and ease of movement, current and potential job prospects, education, crime rates – and much more.

Over 2,000 people were surveyed throughout the study; an extensive study that feeds the above factors, and others, into a detailed algorithm that rates the cities in accordance with these factors. Below, we summarily review many of these cities and review the top 10 best cities to live in in 2018.

#10 Seattle

With a population of just over 3.6 million and an average home price at $403,000, Seattle has emerged as one of the best places to live in the United States. Seattle boasts strong job prospects and continually proves strong on its economic interests. However, Seattle has fallen 4 places since 2017, where it was originally #6 on this list.

#9 Minneapolis-St. Paul

Minneapolis-St. Paul has a population of just under 3.5 million and currently averages its home price at $237,000. The average salary in the city runs at approximately $55,000. The city has enormously improved on its #17 ranking in 2017, with strong employment opportunities and a regular influx of migrants from other US states.

#8 Washington DC

The nationals capital currently has a population of 6 million, with an average home price now standing at $370,000. The average wage across the city is approximately $70,000. Washington DC currently ranks third in terms of job opportunities and continues to be viewed favorably as a place to live by citizens right throughout the United States.

#7 Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville currently has a population of 440,000 and carries with it a median home price of $160,000. The average wage throughout the city currently lies at $53,000. As one of the smaller cities on the list, Huntsville scores well on the affordability index. It also ranks well with companies across a wide variety of sectors – education, science, health etc.

#6 Portland, Oregon

Nestled away from Mount Hood and lying adjacent to Vancouver, Portland boasts a metro population of just over 2.3 million. As of 2018, an average house costs approximately $350,000, with the population having an average salary of $54,000. Portland continues to improve year on year, jumping from position 32 just in the last year. It continues to remain one of the most consistently growing cities throughout the US.

#5 Fayetteville, Arkansas

Although not the most well-known American cities, Fayetteville continues to rank consistently high on the best places to live in the US. It has a population of just over half a million, an average house price of $182,000 and an average salary of $45,000 – making it one of the most affordable, and scenic, destinations to live in 2018.

#4 Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines has a modest population size, currently lying at the 600,000 mark. It has an average house price of $181,000 and an average salary of $50,000. It ranks consistently high on most life score metrics – a city that appeals to growth and prosperity as well as education, low crime rates and comparatively reduced cost of living.

#3 Denver

Denver has remained one of the most consistent performers for the best places to live in the US. In 2016, it was ranked first. In 2017, it was ranked second. Today, it ranks a modest third. What makes it successful? It has a prosperous economic base with consistent migration, facilitating growth. It has a population just under 2.8 million, an average house price of $360,000 and an average salary of just under $56,000.

#2 Colorado Springs, Colorado

The penultimate spot goes to Colorado Springs. It has improved rapidly over the past year, rising 9 places. One of the great things about Colorado Springs is its diverse economic platform – with industries ranging from aerospace and finance to tourism. It has an average population of 700,000; an average house price of $250,000 and an average wage of just under $50,000.

#1 Austin, Texas

The #1 spot goes to Austin, Texas. And nor is this an anomaly. It was also ranked #1 in 2017. What makes Austin one of the best places to live? Austin relies heavily on the technology industry; a burgeoning industry that continues to hoover up more migrants, more growth and more prosperity. Austin also has a thriving cultural scene – from music to film to entertainment generally. It attracts both old and youth alike. As the capital of Texas, it has a population of just under 2 million people; an average house price of $280,000 and an average wage of just under $51,000.

Austin remains a strong contender to move into 2019 as the #1 spot for the third year in a row. Only time will tell whether other, competing cities have what it takes to claim the top spot.