As a property owner, you want to make sure that you get the most return on your investment. One
of the issues that is often faced is finding affordable property management in Las Vegas. For property
owners that have little knowledge of the idea, it’s easy get taken advantage of by less than reputable
companies out there to make money for themselves. With Triumph Property Management we
understand that your investment needs to drive regular income, and you as the property owner need to
know what to look for in your management no matter which company you choose.

When You Need Tenants

If you own a new property that has yet to have any tenants, affordable property management in Las
Vegas can be an even harder find. In some cases, agencies charge you thousands of dollars just to help
get your property up and running with occupants. At Triumph Property Management, you’ll only pay a
simple $500 set up fee, which includes photography and videography of your grounds, an agent leasing
commission, all advertising costs, and even tenant screening.

When You Have Tenants

If you already have occupants on your property, it should be even easier to find affordable property
management in Las Vegas. It’s easy to get taken advantage of as several agencies have the same rates
whether you have tenants our not. If you’ve already got residents, your $499 set up fee is waived, and
you only pay the low 8% monthly management fee.

With either plan, you shouldn’t expect to see any hidden charges or additional annual fees. Affordable
property management in Las Vegas shouldn’t be a game when it comes to the time and money that
you’ve put into your property. At Triumph Property Management, our goal is to make sure that you
receive regular income while establishing a valuable reputation for yourself as a property owner.