Making your home green is more than just an environmental consideration. In fact, making your home green saves you money in the long-term – reducing your bills, while also improving the environment at the same time. In other words, making your home green makes sense.

Here are some quick and effective ways to make your home an eco-friendly haven:

1 Insulation

Yes, insulation can be expensive, but it pays for itself in the long-term.

Insulation not only insulates your home but also your pockets, too. By making your home more energy efficient, you spend fewer dollars on heating and other energy-intensive ways.

2 Furniture

You can now spend those saved dollars on eco-friendly furniture.

What do we mean by “eco-friendly furniture” though? Well, it refers to furniture that isn’t compromised by toxic substances such as plastics and glues. In other words, it’s furniture that remains as organic as possible, helping to reduce the long-term bioburden of your home. Not sure what furniture to buy? Drop down to your local furniture store today. Staff are more than willing to let you know where to go and what to buy.

3 Carpets

Carpets are another great way to make your home green.

That depends, of course, on what type of carpet you buy. Make an extra effort to purchase a carpet uncompromised by synthetic fabrics and other environmentally unsustainable materials. The more organic your carpet, the less health effects it has on air quality, too. Pricing for eco-friendly carpets isn’t that much different from regular carpets, either.

4 Heating your home

Perhaps insulation isn’t the ideal solution for you. Maybe you prefer to use your fireplace, instead.

Even if you use a fireplace, eco-friendly alternatives to wood exist. For example, you can now purchase logs with less of a toxic bioburden than conventional wood. In fact, there are many fireplace products that aren’t made from wood at all, even though they give off that precise appearance. To make your home green doesn’t need to be expensive; often, it’s about making the right choices.

5 Paint

Choosing an eco-friendly paint can make all the difference.

When we talk about eco-friendly paint, we’re referring to paints produced with as few volatile compounds as possible. Further, eco-friendly paints are also easier to apply. It means you don’t have to worry about breathing in these toxic compounds for days on end.

6 Tap flow restrictors

There’s nothing worse than wasted water. It’s environmentally damaging and it’s something that, with just a small effort, you can make all the difference.

Tap flow restrictors, also known as water aerators, restrict the use of water – reducing tap flow and severely limiting the associated environmental damage. Tap flow restrictors are also remarkably affordable. You can grab one at your local home store for as little as $15.

7 Bedding

Believe it or not, the choice of bedding, too, can have an environmental impact.

Try to choose bedding produced from environmentally-friendly materials, such as organic cotton. Avoid mass-produced bedding with a high toxic burden, produced from synthetic materials which, when broken down, only add to environmental waste.

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