health benefits of a clean home

A clean and tidy home has more health benefits than you might think.

We often overlook our home though. Instead, we focus on things such as diet and exercise. Yes – diet and exercise are important, if not crucial to a healthy mind and body. But so too is the home. Like your body, your home can become a source of disease if you don’t take care of it.

If you’re not the type to clean your home, now might be the time to think again. In fact, your home may well have been the cause of your recent illness. By not cleaning your home, you even put your children’s health at risk. You must take responsibility not only of your health but also the children’s health entrusted to your case.

Reducing infections

Bacteria and viruses contaminate everything.

If a member of your family has a cold, you’re more likely to catch the cold from an object rather than through the air. For example – touching an infected door handle after your cold-ridden brother has touched it. Perhaps your sister didn’t wash her hands after using the toilet. These are fundamental ways in which you can keep your home cleaner.

Think about your kitchen, too.

Leaving small foodstuffs around may seem harmless, but these foodstuffs become attractive for many microorganisms. Simply taking twenty seconds to wipe clean your kitchen can make all the difference. Stomach bugs can spread very quickly from person to person. They can even become fatal for individuals with compromised immune systems.

One of the great health benefits of a clean home is, then, the ability to reduce the incidence of infections – including serious infections. These infections aren’t limited to adults though.

Eliminating the cause of allergies

There’s nothing worse than a seasonal allergy. Perhaps there is – an allergy caused by an ill-kept home.

Think about the common causes of allergy – dust mites, mould, pet dander.

All are preventable sources of allergy. By regularly cleaning your home – hoovering room to room – you eliminate many of the most common causes of allergy. Given that some people even suffer anaphylactic reactions in response to seemingly innocuous allergies, you must take these causative factors seriously – if not for yourself, then for others.

The health benefits of a clean home aren’t limited to physical disease either.

Mental relief

A poorly kept home is often a reflection of a poorly kept mind.

Decluttering and keeping an open, vibrant home; a place where you can enjoy winding down from work and life – is essential to reduce stress. Stress is one of the great causes of disease. Stress causes an upsurge in factors that elevates blood pressure, downregulates positive emotion and causes a general hormonal imbalance throughout the body.

In other words, stress is a proven contributory factor toward the development of disease – both minor and serious.

Keeping your home clean and tidy has been shown to reduce stress.

There’s also an enormous secondary benefit to decluttering your home:

Getting a good night’s sleep

One of the great health benefits of a clean home is a good sleep schedule.

Sleep is important to recover – both physically and mentally – from the day’s events. Decluttering your bedroom means you have a safe space for sleep. Don’t keep unnecessary items or distractions in your room. Your bedroom should be a place for sleep, nothing else. Don’t install televisions screens; avoid bringing laptops; and avoid playing with your phone. Keep your bedroom clean, tidy and a sanctuary for sleep.

As your sleep quality improves, you function better throughout the day. You won’t be stressed by the small things. Instead, you’ll have the energy and verve to battle everything that comes your way.

Improving air quality

Managing your property’s air quality is important.

The better air quality, the more tolerable your home becomes. As your breathing improves, your thinking becomes clearer too. You won’t become lethargic and fatigued, let alone stressed. Bringing in some plants can work wonders. Plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with fresh oxygen. The pleasant smell of plants adds a sweet aroma that augments the benefit further.

By improving air quality, decluttering your home, reducing stress, reducing the bioburden of your home and by eliminating the sources of contamination – the health benefits of a clean home could not be clearer. Take the time to build positive habits into how you treat your home and your home will treat you, in turn, to better more positive health.

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